European Food Pt.I – England

While we were in London, we went to a fantastic place in Covent Gardens called Masala Zone. If you are ever in the area, and you like Indian food, I’d highly recommend it. It was one of the best places we’ve eaten so far on this trip.





After the Indian Restaurant, we decided we wanted to try something more traditional. I think the pub was called The Alfred but I’m not entirely sure.



Then, after a tour of the judicial building in London, we decided to stop at the Bank for a pint (or, in my case, half a pint) of beer. I fell madly in love with the walls.


Next was the Red Lion. Located only a block from Parliament, it was a lovely place, full of MPs and staff after their shift. I felt obligated to purchase sticky toffee pudding.


The last day we went out for Thai. The drink is Maggie’s plum tea.


Finally, I had curry in Greenwich.


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  1. amphibiman

    I once had quite the mean time there in Greenwich.

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