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Natural Occurances

This is part (a very small part) of my digital arts final project, but I’m happy with how it turned out and wanted to share it with you all. This animation will be superimposed over another animation piece, and stitched to several other animations. Fingers crossed it all works! Click on the sky image to see the animation – it seems to be acting up, and only wants to be viewed large. Sorry about that!

These other images are backlog. I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately, but it has mostly been for digital arts – that class is eating up all of my editing time at the moment! Here are a few pieces I edited on the side for your viewing pleasure. Once again, all of these photos were taken at the river.




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Food and Flowers – Necessities of Life


Imagine eating this with onion and poppy seed bread instead of a spoon, and ta da! You know what I am having for dinner tonight.


This is dessert. My roomie’s aunt came to visit today, and brought her two bags of oranges. This was our solution.


This is in downtown; that’s the church steeple behind the flowers. Kind of cheesy, but I like it anyway.


And more flowers!

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Spring is in the Air

Anyone who has seen more than five of my photos will know that I love taking photos of flowers. I do it obsessively. If there is a plant nearby that is blooming, it requires serious self control on my part not to take a photo of it.

This post shows my lack of self control. I’m sorry, you guys! It is spring time! Everything is finally green-ish and flowering! I can’t help myself. (I love you and nobody else – oh oh!)



These are the size of my pinky finger nail.


Extreme marco, semi-successful. Too bright on the left, but better than my previous attempts!


Notice the tiny little bug? I think he is adorable.



This guy was a sweetie. He had clearly been in a fight or something relatively recently; he had a bald spot around a large scab on his head. He was very friendly though, despite this, and was willing to be photographed; unusual for a cat, in my experience.


In which I smile awkwardly. Like a boss.


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Spring Break Pt. II – Snapshots


I cut my hair! How exciting! I actually really like it, it is remarkably refreshing.


I also went down to UVA to hang with this lovely lady. She is one of my best friends, but since she lives far away and goes to a different school, I don’t get to see her much. So any time we hang out, it is always really exciting. Moreover, no matter how long it has been since we’ve seen each other, we always seems to pick up like it’s been no time at all.






In short – I am kind of in love with her. 🙂


The boy came down too!



While visiting, we made cupcakes! They were pomegranate & blood orange cupcakes – we used this recipe. I’d highly recommend it.


And finally, as always, I took pictures of flowers – once again, with the lenses the boy got me.  I mean, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take an inordinate amount of macro flower-photos. But with such shiny lenses to play with, it becomes increasingly hard to resist.

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Of Flowers and Small Things

I love small things, small moments – things you catch out of the corner of your eye. I want my photographs to convey that. They don’t always, but I think I’m getting better at it.

A tiny flower, no bigger than the tip of my thumb. Did I mention that my boy got me micro lenses for Christmas? I only just started playing with them, but I really like the effect they give.


I love that the buds are just starting to come out on the trees everywhere.

My cat, Sabrina. She is very fat, but very pretty, no?


So, Joanna and I have nothing to do with flowers, but… we bought matching lipstick! Sisters to the core.


Just a tiny little flower. ❤

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The Little Things

Midterms are coming, midterms are coming! Run for your lives!

Oh wait, they are already here. Damn.

Here are a few small things that made me happy in the midst of this insanely chaotic weekend.


I actually don’t really like mushrooms (gasp!) but these were tasty. This probably had something to do with the amount of butter they were cooked in.


Roses! I love two-toned roses.


Salad noms. Cause I’m healthy like that. (I totally ate this with ribs.)


He is such a goof-ball, it makes me smile.

PS: From this point forward, until I get a new lens (read – far in the future) I refuse to try and shoot nice photos after the sun sets. My little lens cannot handle lighting like that, poor thing. And I hate, hate, hate flash. So no more of that.

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Oh Joy!

Today was a picnic day! I went out with some friends and we nommed sandwiches at a local park.



My friends are awesome. If you want to see a few more photos, look here. 🙂


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