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Animation Series II

Another series of stop animations I made for my final digital arts project. If I can figure out someplace to upload the full animation, I will post it here. I think the first two are my favorites.


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Surrealist Hands

This is part of my digital arts project – it is the animation I am projecting onto a 4×4 ft canvas. I am thinking of adding some more to it, but for the moment, this is what I have.

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Animation Series

Here are several animations I am working on at the moment for digital arts.


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Natural Occurances

This is part (a very small part) of my digital arts final project, but I’m happy with how it turned out and wanted to share it with you all. This animation will be superimposed over another animation piece, and stitched to several other animations. Fingers crossed it all works! Click on the sky image to see the animation – it seems to be acting up, and only wants to be viewed large. Sorry about that!

These other images are backlog. I’ve been taking a lot of photos lately, but it has mostly been for digital arts – that class is eating up all of my editing time at the moment! Here are a few pieces I edited on the side for your viewing pleasure. Once again, all of these photos were taken at the river.




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Consistency Throughout These Changing Times

This was composed for my Digital Arts Class using Photoshop. I like how it turned out (mostly – the birds are kinda wonky), so I thought I’d share it over here too. The images of myself were taken with a tripod, the birds I drew in photoshop, and the two different pictures of the New York skyline I got from the Library of Congress under the Creative Commons License.


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