2nd Paragraph

Materials Used for All: parchmentpaper, and space invaders. The border around the third paragraph I had as a stamp in photoshop already – I believe I got it from DeviantArt, but I’m not sure from whom.

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1st Paragraph

Materials Used for All: parchment, paper, and space invaders. The border around the third paragraph I had as a stamp in photoshop already – I believe I got it from DeviantArt, but I’m not sure from whom.

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I’m Not Fontin’ Around

Meet Adventure.

Adventure is a bitmap font, designed for an exersize in Ellen Lupton’s book, Thinking with Type. The exercise required that the font must be designed using a grid, and that no curves be used, staircased blocks or otherwise. I designed this font using 8-bit games as an inspiration. I wanted the letters to look like room layouts in 8-bit adventure games. Each letter is a different level. The dots in the center of the lower case letters are supposed to be symbolic of the boss. In 8-bit games, bosses tend to be shown standing in the center of the room, to draw attention to them. I tried to make the font very heavy-looking to make it legible at small sizes, and added the difference in weight on each side of the letter to create interest in the design.

Let me know what you think!


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The Catacombs of Paris

While visiting Paris, I got to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time – I got to go the Parisian Catacombs.

Note: All of these photos are completely unedited in any way. So if things look odd, that is because, well, they did look odd.



The signs outside the entrance said, in multiple languages, “Not for the weak of spirit” and I have to agree. Despite this, though, I thought it was a fascinating place. It was full of history, if a slightly morbid history.





I think someone must have tried to take a picture at the same time I did – that’s the only thing I can think of to explain the crazy green color.


If you’ve never been, and you are not, “faint of spirit” I’d recommend going if you have the chance. It is quite an experience.

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Au Pied de Cochon

The last time I was in Paris, I ate at Au Peid de Cochon and fell in love. This was the last restaurant Julia Child ate at before she left Paris for the United States, and was apparently a favorite of hers. After I ate there, I could definitely see why. I was determined to go back.

Upon arriving in Paris, though, I determined I would save Au Pied de Cochon for my last day. After all, I had no idea where it was! Also, I was feeling lightheaded from listening to everyone speaking french. Normally, when I’m in France, my mother can translate what is going on, and all that is required of me is to say basic phrases and listen. Here, I am one of the most fluent people in my group – a terrifying thought.

So imagine my surprise when I got off at the Les Halles stop and it was right near the exit! I determined that it was a sign and went in. What followed was a glorious abundance of delicious food.

Outside, the building looks very french and unassuming.

But look at this food! Duck confit with zucchini.



Straight espresso with a meringue pig.


Finally, I ended the evening with a cranberry tart. So delicious.

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European Food Pt.I – England

While we were in London, we went to a fantastic place in Covent Gardens called Masala Zone. If you are ever in the area, and you like Indian food, I’d highly recommend it. It was one of the best places we’ve eaten so far on this trip.





After the Indian Restaurant, we decided we wanted to try something more traditional. I think the pub was called The Alfred but I’m not entirely sure.



Then, after a tour of the judicial building in London, we decided to stop at the Bank for a pint (or, in my case, half a pint) of beer. I fell madly in love with the walls.


Next was the Red Lion. Located only a block from Parliament, it was a lovely place, full of MPs and staff after their shift. I felt obligated to purchase sticky toffee pudding.


The last day we went out for Thai. The drink is Maggie’s plum tea.


Finally, I had curry in Greenwich.


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Animation Series II

Another series of stop animations I made for my final digital arts project. If I can figure out someplace to upload the full animation, I will post it here. I think the first two are my favorites.


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